What Is a Direct-Pay Traffic Ticket?


In most states, a direct-pay traffic ticket is an easy way to pay for a traffic ticket online, notes New Jersey Courts. To pay for a traffic ticket online in the state of New Jersey, citizens must have their parking or traffic ticket and their license plate number. As of 2015, if the citizen chooses to pay with Visa or MasterCard, he must also pay a convenience fee.

If a citizen of New Jersey does not know his traffic ticket number, he can look it up using a search function, notes New Jersey Courts. New Jersey also limits the times citizens can pay for their tickets online depending on the day.

In the state of Alabama, citizens must provide a UTC number located in the top-right corner of the ticket along with their date of birth, notes Alapay.com. This UTC number has seven digits and a letter in front of it.

In New York City, citizens can pay for parking, bus lane or red light camera violations online, notes the official website of the City of New York. Citizens can also set up a payment plan if they owe $350 or more on a judgment. Citizens simply have to enter the number of their violation to pay for it.