What Are Different Type of Crisis Hotlines?

There are dozens of crisis hotlines in the United States, including child abuse, suicide and alcohol crisis lines. These hotlines are for people suffering from these illnesses or situations, but people who are concerned about a friend or family can also use these hotlines to find advice on how to help them.

There are hotlines for many other crisis issues as well. People dealing with AIDS have a hotline where they can get more information on the disease; they can get support and even find out research information. While people live much longer with the AIDS disease than they did when the crisis first gained national awareness, it is still a hard and expensive disease to live with.

Alcohol and abuse are two of the most common hotline numbers, though these issues may often some of the most invisible issues along with suicide, mental illness and rape. Numbers for alcohol hotlines include options for treatment and advice. There is a Families Anonymous line for people who are concerned or in a dangerous situation with a family member who is addicted to alcohol and need help.

These lines can be lifesavers in more than one way. Rape victims have several lines they can call for support and to get help on what to do next. These lines can keep a victim from feeling so alone, dropping into depression, which could lead to suicide and can often give rape victims encouragement to go to the police.