What Are the Different Tickets Issued for Parking Violations?


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Authorities issue parking tickets to vehicles that violate parking laws, including parking in zones without a proper permit, parking in passenger zones, and parking during restricted hours of the day, according to the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Authorities also issue tickets to vehicles that exceed their paid parking time, including those parked at a meter.

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Drivers commit parking violations when non-handicapped drivers park in spaces reserved for the handicapped or a driver's vehicle obstructs the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, indicates the PPA. This includes cars parked on sidewalks and curbs and those that are double-parked. Cars that block emergency and service vehicles are particularly disruptive. For example, cars parked in front of fire hydrants prevent fire trucks from accessing the water supply, and parked cars that block mass transit vehicles can upset a city's transportation schedule.

In cities like New York City, permissible parking times change throughout the day, notes New York City's Department of Transportation. This accommodates city maintenance, such as street sweeping and trash collection, or reduces congested traffic patterns. Authorities issue parking tickets for vehicles parked during restricted hours, including rush hour and snow emergencies.

Some residential communities attempt to make more parking spaces available to residents by requiring permit parking, states the City of Miami Beach. Similarly, handicapped parking spaces make allowances for individuals with a physical disability. Vehicles parked within approved spaces commit other violations if the vehicle extends beyond the indicated parking lines or the vehicle displays expired registration.

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