What Are the Different Fields of Law?


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Fields of law include civil rights, education, family and juvenile, and real estate, according to the Law School Admission Council. Many lawyers specialize in tax law, sports and entertainment law, health law, and corporate and securities law.

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Civil rights lawyers deal with the balance of individual rights and governmental power, explains the Law School Admission Council. Full-time jobs in this field are not as widely available as in other fields, but many lawyers with other specialities work pro bono in civil rights. Education law is a diverse field, with attorneys representing school districts, students and parents and focusing on issues such as teacher hiring, student discipline, special education and educational policy. Family and juvenile law focuses on the relationships of family members, and these lawyers tend to work alone or for small firms. Divorce and adoption are two common issues in family law.

Real estate lawyers help with issues such as land ownership, rights of possession and usage, and landlord and tenant problems, says the Law School Admission Council. Some of these lawyers focus on drafting and reviewing contracts, while others specialize even further in areas such as natural resources law. In tax law, lawyers must stay up-to-date on the constant changes in local, state and federal taxes. Many such lawyers specialize in helping clients with their tax liabilities.

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