What Are Some Different Federal Agent Badges and Their Symbols?

Different federal agent badges include the U.S. marshals, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and Secret Service. The U.S. marshals' badge is a five-point star inside a gold circle; on top of the star is an eagle. The FBI's is a gold shield with an eagle on top. The CIA's is a gold and blue shield with an eagle. The Secret Service's seal is a five-point star topped by an eagle.

One of the easiest and most often forged badges is that of the FBI. People commit such forgery for multiple reasons, from the innocence of a Halloween costume to impersonating an officer in order to commit crimes.

A badge is fake if the supposed agent hands it to another individual; real agents cannot hand over their credentials. Real badges display the agent's face, and the top of the badge reads "Federal Bureau of Investigation," and not simply "FBI." The badge should be solid gold and have "Department of Justice" written on the bottom.

If the badge looks legitimate, a citizen can ask the agent to recite his agent number and compare it to the number on the identification. As an extra precaution, the nearest branch of the FBI can verify the agent's number. If the FBI does not have an agent that matches the description, the individual should call 911.