How do you find different building code violations?


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Information on different building code violations is available at HouseLogic.com, PopularMechanics.com and FamilyHandyman.com. All of these sites provide handy lists of the most common code violations.

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The list of common building code violations includes defective and missing ground-fault circuit interrupters, according to TheFamilyHandyman.com. These devices prevent electrical shocks by cutting power to faulty circuits if they detect changes in current. To verify the presence of these devices in their home electrical circuits, homeowners need to use ground-fault circuit interrupter testers.

Improper bathroom venting is another common building code violation, adds TheFamilyHandyman.com. Regulations require bathroom fans to vent outside a house, not to the attic, as the moisture-laden air can cause roof sheaths and frames to rot. In addition, improper venting can lead to mildew and mold growth inside a bathroom.

Common building code violations also include the improper placing of smoke alarms, states TheFamilyHandyman.com. Regulations require older houses to have smoke alarms outside of every bedroom and on each level of the dwelling. These rules also stipulate that smoke alarms with battery backups be installed inside each bedroom in all new houses and require these to be linked so that all alarms in the house go off when one is activated.

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