What Are the Different Army Officer Ranks?


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The U.S. Army has 11 commissioned officer ranks and five warrant officer ranks, according to its official website. Commissioned officers train and lead soldiers in all situations, and warrant officers provide technical specialties involving vehicles, combat systems and army networks.

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What Are the Different Army Officer Ranks?
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According to the U.S. Army, commissioned officer ranks include second lieutenant; first lieutenant; captain; major; lieutenant colonel; colonel; brigadier general; major general; lieutenant general; general and general of the army. Most officers begin as a second lieutenant. They move up in rank with increased command experience and training in leadership and management. The general-of-the-army rank is reserved for times of war in which the commanding officer holds a rank equal to or higher than those of allied nations.

Warrant officer ranks include warrant officer; chief warrant officer 2; chief warrant officer 3; chief warrant officer 4 and chief warrant officer 5. Warrant officers move up in rank with increased technical and tactical expertise. The secretary of the army appoints warrant officers at the base-rank of warrant officer. When warrant officers reach the rank of chief warrant officer 2, the president of the United States gives them the status of a commissioned officer. The chief-warrant-officer-5 rank has special leadership and representation responsibilities through respective commands, states the U.S. Army.

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