Why Did Maureen Scott Call President Obama the "architect of Destruction?"

P. Maureen Scott called President Barack Obama the "architect of destruction" because she believes that he is not a patriot, but rather a president that hates America. She believes that his intent as president is to hurt Americans, remove their rights as citizens, assume dictatorial power and cause destruction.

P. Maureen Scott uses the term "The Architect of Destruction" as the title of her essay published in March 2013 for RenewAmerica.com. The essay states that because Obama grew up outside America as a child, he does not have the reverence for America that the average citizen has. She also references Obama's background as a community organizer, which she claims to have an "us against them" mentality, as the reason for his lack of patriotism.

The essay uses these reasons as the impetus for Obama's lack of empathy as a president. P. Maureen Scott contends that Obama has never said anything positive about America. She believes that his speeches are filled with hate and are intended to divide Americans. She says that a president should be calm and reassuring, but rather Obama is chaotic and stress-inducing.

P. Maureen Scott is self-described as an "ardent American patriot" residing in Richmond, Virginia, as of February 2015. She has written 12 articles for RenewAmerica.com.