Why Did the Jodi Arias Case Get a Retrial?


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The Jodi Arias case was able to get a retrial for the penalty part of her case because the jury was not able to reach a unanimous vote for the death penalty. Without a unanimous vote, the death penalty is not possible and Arias will be sentenced to life in prison.

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As of February 2015, the retrial has not been settled and may continue for several weeks to several months. The murder itself took place in 2008 and involved Arias' ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Travis was 30 at the time of his death. The jury voted 8-4 for the death penalty at the first trial.

At the retrial for the murder, all of the jurors must vote for the death penalty in order for Arias to receive it. If they do not, then there are two other options for her punishment as the conviction of the crime is not up for reconsideration. The two punishments would include either life in jail without the possibility of parole or life in jail with the possibility of being released in 25 years.

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