How Did Important World Leaders Gain Leadership?


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One group of important and powerful world leaders is the Presidents of the United States, all of whom came to power through the electoral process. This process has been modeled around the world, a model called the Democratic Republic, and attempts to mesh civil service with the voices of the people.

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How Did Important World Leaders Gain Leadership?
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The United States electoral process gives citizens the right to select their president through something called the Electoral College. The college assigns a certain number of votes to each state, and then casts those votes in favor of the candidate who wins the state's counties and the majority of its votes.

Whichever presidential candidate garners the most electoral college votes is deemed the president-elect and will be asked to take the oath of office. This makes that candidate the president of the United States and bestows them with a great many explicit and traditional powers in the eyes of the people and service of the country.

Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington came into office through the electoral process. This established precedent that has carried into the 21st century and created a relatively stable engine of selection for the nation's leadership. Congresspeople and senators are selected in similar but smaller-scale electoral processes in their home states.

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