How Did Hillary Clinton Get Her Groove Back?

The Huffington Post asserts that Hillary Clinton found her groove on Sept. 4, 2015 in an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, at which point Clinton looked presidential, addressed long-standing concerns confidently and insisted that Donald Trump's policies were dangerous to the world. Others, including ABC News, proclaim that Clinton got her groove back in October 2015, after clearly winning the Democratic presidential debate and beaming with smiles, jokes and friendliness.

After a modest kick-off to her campaign in April 2015, Hillary Clinton maintained a low profile throughout the summer as she spent time getting to know the voters, understanding the issues they cared about, and developing strategies to address the concerns brought to her attention. Having avoided most media attention for months, her interview with MSNBC marked a distinct change in tactic. It was the first of many interviews she participated in, including situations where she let her lighter side show with Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

After receiving praise for her October debate performance, and a nod of encouragement from fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, Clinton toured the country with apparent confidence. She engaged fans standing behind the rope lines, shouted exclamations of love to supporters and took selfies with the people around her.

Around the same time, Joe Biden announced that he was not running for president, and Clinton addressed concerns about her email usage after 11 hours of questioning during the Benghazi House Select committee hearing.