Did Congress Pass New Child Support Laws?


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During the legislative season of 2014, states enacted 114 new bills regarding child support and family law, notes the National Conference of State Legislatures. Twenty one of these bills dealt directly with child support obligations.

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In 2014, approximately 38 states enacted new legislation concerning child support and family law, explains the National Conference of State Legislatures. Twenty one pieces of new legislation addressing child support issues were passed. Income tax returns, lottery winnings, driving, hunting and professional licenses are now candidates for suspension if required child support is not paid. Through The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, collection of foreign support is now enforceable. Ten bills were passed in 2014 addressing the safety issue of collecting child support for victims of domestic crime, and domestic abuse was redefined to include child abuse.

The new legislation passed in 38 states includes a wide range of changes regarding child support. As of 2014, Michigan courts can order added restitution for violation of child support, Louisiana takes into consideration changes in the amount of child support when a parent is receiving job training, Georgia redefined their definitions in calculating child support, and California requires child support payments to be made only by direct deposit, states the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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