What Is DHS MI Bridges?

The DHS MI Bridges program is a combination of food assistance, emergency assistance and cash assistance for qualified residents of the state of Michigan. The Michigan Department of Human Services runs all DHS MI Bridges programs.

The MI Bridges program provides low-income families and individuals who meet the necessary eligibility requirements with a number of different benefit programs. MI Bridges provides food assistance through a Michigan Bridge benefit card that allows qualified residents the opportunity to purchase certain food items and access cash via an ATM machine. This is a temporary program with eligibility based on income, assets, expenses and residency. Cash assistance is available to qualifying pregnant women and low-income families with small children.

MI Bridges also offers child care assistance to families and individuals who attend classes, work or participate in approved activities. Emergency service assistance is also available for residents if they face situations that threaten their safety or health or when they face extreme hardship. In addition, the program provides assistance to those who need help with cremation or burial costs.

Residents can use the Michigan Department of Human Services' website to determine if they qualify for assistance, and residents submit applications through the MI Bridges web portal.