Who Are Some of Detroit's Most Wanted Fugitives?


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Arthur Berry Jr., Darrick Adams and Edgardo Luis Perez are some of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted fugitives in Detroit, as of November 2015, states the FBI. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of Detroit identifies Erendira Citlali Duenas-Llamas and Raymundo Alvarez-Ruiz as two of their most wanted fugitives, explains the DEA.

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Born in Michigan on August 4, 1986, Arthur Berry Jr. is wanted for allegedly working with others to engage in smash-and-grab robberies throughout the United States, according to the FBI. Aliases he uses include Aurthur Aurthur Berry, AJ, Jizzle and Juice. After he was charged with conspiracy to interfere with commerce by means of robbery, an official from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan signed a federal warrant for his arrest. He is accused of theft at Jared the Galleria of Jewelry in Toledo, Ohio, Fink’s Jewelers in Sterling, Virginia, and RF Moeller Jeweler in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Born in Mexico in 1978, Erendira Citlali Duenas-Llamas is accused of conspiring to distribute a substance comprised of detectable amounts of heroin, states the DEA. Wanted by the Southern district of Ohio, her last known address was in Ciudad Guzman, Mexico.

Born in Detroit on May 19, 1982, Edgardo Luis Perez is charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in a murder case, notes the FBI. In 2001, Perez allegedly befriended a man at a health club. After gaining the man's trust, he allegedly robbed and murdered him. He had a history of obtaining how-to books related to being a fugitive, changing identity and completing financial transactions over the Internet.

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