How Do You Determine Where You Vote?

How Do You Determine Where You Vote?

To find out where you can cast your voting ballot, enter your address into an online voting database several weeks before an election or by calling your county recorder's office anytime.

  1. Search online for your polling place before the election

    Visit, operated by non-partisan voting organization Head Count, or the League of Women Voters Education Fund website, Enter your address into the search text box to find your polling place. Make sure to bring your voter registration card with you when you cast your ballot.

  2. Call your county recorder's office

    Often election officials do not finalize voting locations until weeks before the election. Call your county recorder's office to find out where you can cast your ballot. Look online or in a local government phone directory to find the office phone number. You can also call your local library and ask for the county recorder's office number.

  3. Make sure you are registered to vote

    If you have moved to a different residence since the last election or have lost your voter registration card, you need to register to vote again. You can register by contacting your local elections office by phone or through a website such as Register at least four months before your local election takes place so you can ensure you are able to cast a ballot on election day.