How Do You Determine SSI Disability Benefits?


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In order to determine SSI disability benefits, follow the step-by-step instructions process offered on the Social Security Administration's Disability Planner webpage. Once eligibility for SSI benefits is determined, a benefits estimate can be calculated using one of the free calculators available on the Social Security Administration's website.

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The first step to determine eligibility is to determine whether or not the applicant is currently working. The Social Security Administration webpage includes up-to-date figures for the income levels that determine disability. If the applicant is not working, per SSA's guidelines, it is then necessary to decide whether or not the condition of the individual can be considered severe. If the condition does not interfere with basic work-related activities, he cannot be considered disabled and is unable to receive SSI disability benefits.

The next step to determine eligibility allows for applicants to cross reference the condition causing the disability against the SSA's list of conditions that warrant automatic disability. If the applicant's condition is on this list, benefits can be issued. For those conditions not listed, step four verifies that the applicant's disability does not allow them to perform the work they were previously performing. The final step involves determining if the individual can commence any other type of work. If other work cannot be adjusted to, the disability benefits are approved.

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