How Do You Determine the Resident of a Particular Address?

While the property owner is not always the resident of an address, you can search for the owner of a particular address through a website like PeopleSmart. Property owners are in the public record, however, identification you may have to submit an inquiry through a county assessment office.

If the property owner is not the current resident of the address, it may be more difficult to find the name of the current resident. Websites like PeopleSmart may still show the current resident if you search by address, especially if the resident has used the address to open any accounts that would be reflected in the public record. The search may also return the names of previous occupants and others who are associated with the property, which can make resident identification more difficult.

The county assessor's office can also help to determine the owner of a property. Since the county assessor's office keeps records of every property, they will often have detailed records of property sales, tax histories, and names associated with the property. If the current resident is not the owner, however, you may encounter some difficulties finding any information, since a renter will not be reflected on any home owner documents relating to the address.