How Do You Determine the Number of Government Employees in Your State?


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To determine the number of government employees in your state, add the number of employed civilians with the number of federal and military employees, or use data that's already been gathered by a website such as Governing. Online resources allow users to see the number of federally employed workers, nonfarm employment rates, and the percentage of the job share that federal jobs occupy.

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Reports show that California had 245,000 federally employed workers in 2013, occupying 1.7 percent of the job share. Other populous states, including Texas, Florida and New York, showed federal employment populations of 193,500, 129,800 and 115,400, respectively. Overall the federal government employs the fewest number of workers than it has since the mid-1960s, according to a November 2014 report from The Wall Street Journal.

A 2012 report from Governing shows the number of government workers per capita in each state. This report indicates that Wyoming has the highest per capita rate of noneducation state and local full-time workers, with 450 workers per every 10,000 residents. Alaska and New York follow immediately behind Wyoming, with 392 and 320 per 10,000. Arizona has the lowest per capita rate of government workers out of all 50 states, with only 188 full-time noneducation government workers per 10,000.

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