How Do You Determine If You Are Eligible for Medicaid in California?

In order to qualify for California's Medicaid program, called Medi-Cal, a person must fall into the category of living 138 percent below the federal poverty level, or be legally blind, age 65 or older, disabled, age 21 or younger or pregnant. Residents of California who are living in a skilled nursing or immediate care home or on refugee status may also be eligible.

Medi-Cal is California's version of Medicaid, the insurance that helps those who cannot afford traditional medical insurance. The state requires applicants to meet specific income requirements when they apply.

Individuals must make less than $16,105 per year to qualify, as of 2015. Families with two members must make less than $21,708 per year and families of four must earn less than $32,913 to be eligible. Besides income, other situations may qualify people for Medi-Cal.

Families enrolled in CalFresh, SSI, Refugee Assistance or CalWorks are eligible to receive Medicaid as are those in foster care or part of the Adoption Assistance Program. Families that have lost their health care coverage, those whose income has undergone a drastic change and people who turn 26 and cannot stay on their parents' insurance plan are just some of the people newly eligible for Medi-Cal. To check eligibility, residents may visit the Medi-Cal website for more information.