How Do You Determine an Address With Only a Phone Number?

Determine an address associated with a known phone number using one of the online reverse phone lookup services such as and These services return the registered address associated with a phone number and can return additional information such as known social media profiles, email addresses, relatives and other known phone numbers. Subscription services with access to deep public records such as court, bankruptcy, and property histories can be utilized if free searches return no results.

If public phone directories turn up no results, the phone number can be entered into search engines such as Google or Bing to return any known businesses, social media profiles, websites, addresses and people associated with a phone number for free. Paid services such as Spokeo and Intellius are available and can provide additional information on a phone number and its owner including criminal history, court records, birth date, and known friends and associates.

Social media websites such as Facebook offer a search function that can be used to determine the owner and associated address of a phone number. Enter the complete phone number in question into the website's search bar and search. If the phone number is listed on an individual or company's public page or profile, then the search returns the page or person where additional information, including the address, may be found.