What Are Some Details Surrounding Richard Robert's Divorce?


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The relationship between Richard Roberts and his father, Oral Roberts, was the primary reason Patti Roberts filed for divorce, as reported by The Oklahoman. Patti shares details about her marriage and divorce in her book "Ashes to Gold," released in 1983.

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Patti describes her marriage to Richard as a triangle with Oral at the top. Patti and Richard were a professional couple from the beginning of their marriage, immersed in the business of the Oral Roberts Association. She felt pressured to present a happy facade to maintain their public image. Patti believes that Oral's influence was harmful to Richard. Since Richard's only option was to follow in his father's footsteps, his life was being sacrificed for Oral's dream. There are times Oral manipulated the couple to protect his ministry. When they were about to leave on their honeymoon, Oral told them they would be killed in a plane crash if they ever left the ministry or turned away from God.

Richard gives his own account of the marriage and divorce in his book, "He's the God of Second Chances," published in 1985, notes Wikipedia. He calls his marriage to Patti a terrible mistake. His family and friends were against the marriage, but he went against their wishes, stating that he was young and thought he had all the answers to life.

Patti and Richard divorced in 1979 after 10 years of marriage, reports The Oklahoman.

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