What Are the Details of the Obama Disability Program?

President Obama's 2016 budget calls for an increase in disability programs and addresses funding allocation for the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund and workforce and intervention strategies. It also focuses on government fraud relating to courts, reviews and double-dipping loopholes. The fiscal year began October 2015.

Obama's proposals for the disability program includes both strategical and financial plans. The 2016 disability funding plan calls for $1.75 million for servicing school-age children with disabilities and $115 million for young kids under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development would receive an additional $35 million to assist households with disabled members under the plan. The proposal also provides $56.7 million for added vocational rehabilitation services for young disabled persons who seek employment.

Obama's plan recommends the reallocation of a small percentage of tax revenue to the SSDI in order to sustain the fund through 2033. It provides intervention services that add incentives for both employers and disabled workers to remain in the workforce and addresses the court backlogs for disability claims by hiring more administrative law judges. It also details propositions for mandatory reviews and reduced disability benefits to those who receive other state or federal benefits.