What Are Some Details of the Grand Jury Decision in the Eric Garner Case?


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The grand jury chosen to decide whether to indict an NYPD officer in the death of Eric Garner ultimately chose not to indict, according to Trymaine Lee for MSNBC. This means a majority of jurors did not find probable cause to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo with a felony.

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Grand jury proceedings are kept secret from the media and public to protect witnesses and the individual under investigation from risk or unfair scrutiny, explains the American Bar Association. As such, exact details of the case or the evidence put forth before the Eric Garner grand jury are limited.

The New York State Supreme Court of Richmond County ultimately released a limited amount of information on the evidence submitted before the jury, states Columbia Law School. For example, a report issued by the Office of the City Medical Examiner ruling Eric Garner's death a homicide was admitted into evidence along with 50 other exhibits, including the results of a medical investigation completed by an examiner hired by the Garner family. The grand jury also heard witness testimony from 50 individuals, 22 of whom were civilians, and were instructed on Penal Law § 35.30, which details the legal limits of a police officer's use of force in an arrest.

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