What Is a Detailed Political Map?

A detailed political map is a physical map of the world or a region that shows precise political boundaries. Depending on the map, these political boundaries can represent country borders, regions within a particular country or local government maps delineating such things as which party in a government represents a particular area or county.

World political maps feature political boundaries of every nation. They typically also include names of large bodies of waters and major cities. Also on the map are politically dependent territories such as the French Overseas Territories. While many of these territories enjoy a large degree of autonomy, they do not qualify as fully independent nations. Additionally, a world political map includes Special Administrative Regions, territories that run in accordance with a "one nation, two governments" policy - operating with a high degree of autonomy from the main country of which they are a part. An example of an SAR is Hong Kong.

Country-specific political maps typically show a more fine degree of detail, delineating counties and governmental districts and including items such as roads and sometimes train lines. Some of these maps also define important political details within the country, as when a county map shows which political constituencies hold sway in each. These maps are frequently created as needed to help visually illustrate current political conditions.