What Are the Descriptions of Different Army MOS Jobs?


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The U.S. Army groups military occupational specialties by categories such as combat, mechanics, and computer/technology. Armor officer, a position which includes responsibility for tank and cavalry forward reconnaissance operations on the battlefield, is one of 25 specialities in the combat category. Work as a biomedical equipment specialist responsible for servicing and maintaining medical equipment is a military occupational specialty in the mechanics category. Cryptologic linguists, a computer/technology specialty, serve the Army by identifying foreign communications using signals equipment.

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The job duties of a civil affairs specialist, a job within the MOS category of intelligence and combat support, include assisting in planning inter-agency response procedures for regional and national emergencies and establishing relationships and communication with civilian aid and relief organizations. Army divers perform underwater reconnaissance, demolition and salvage, specializing in either scuba or deep-sea diving. Multimedia illustrator and combat documentation/production specialist are jobs in the MOS category of arts and media. Multimedia illustrators operate multimedia imaging equipment to produce visual displays and documents, as well as graphic artwork for various Army publications, television and movies. Documentation/production specialists document combat and non-combat Army operations using still photography and video and audio recording equipment.

Anyone interested in enlisting in the Army must complete the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test prior to enlistment. The test is designed to determine if an applicant has the mental aptitude to serve in the military. It also helps determine which military occupational specialities an individual is qualified for by giving the test-taker composite scores in areas such as clerical, electronics, combat and mechanical maintenance.

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