What Are the Democratic Views on Education?

The Democratic Party typically supports more spending on education, striving for national education standards and government controlled options for choosing schools such as charter schools and magnet schools. The Democratic Party has historically been against school choice outside of government controlled options.

The Democratic Party platform usually says it is committed to helping public schools work up to standard via more education spending and paying more teachers. The 2012 party platform included saving educator jobs, using a system for rewarding good teachers and attracting better teachers for struggling schools. The Democratic Party also put forth the views of investing in Pell Grants and adding the American Opportunity Tax Credit for four years in college. Democrats supported removing banks as the middleman for various college funding and they generally support state schools and community colleges.

Democrats support making college tuition a tax deduction, Pell Grant expansion and cutting interest rates on student loans. Democrats have also espoused support for standardized testing as a means to advance learning. Democrats believe that vouchers for private schools, as means for school choice, funnel money away from public schools that need it. Instead they support the use of government controlled charter schools. Democrats consider themselves the party of education and typically have the wide support of public school officials.