Who Are the Democratic Leaders of the World?

According to the PR Newswire website, as of 2014, the world's leading democratic countries are, in order of their standard of democracy: Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland and Belgium. This makes the elected leaders of Norway and Switzerland, who are Erna Solberg and Simonetta Sommaruga, respectively, the two most democratic leaders of the world.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg describes Norwegian society as having a basic "Nordic Model," which is characterized by minimal class differences, optimal productivity, even income distribution and free education. She has also observed the positive changes that have taken place within these parameters, including diversification, economic growth and improved social services. She considers diversity to be a strength within society and encourages immigration to Norway, whether for asylum or labor purposes.

In Switzerland, President Simonetta Sommaruga's role as leader lasts only 1 year before it rotates to another elected member of the cabinet. The cabinet itself is a collectively-run executive body. Sommaruga is a member of the Social Democratic Party and, in her capacity as president, is charged with immigration control, moderating relations with the European Union and tackling tax evasion. Prior to entering politics at the turn of the 21st century, she trained as a concert pianist.