What Is the Definition of Republican Virtues?

definition-republican-virtues Credit: pcouture/CC-BY 2.0

Republican virtues are the tenets and ideologies that are informed by the political philosophy called republicanism. This is not to be confused with the political party in the contemporary American political landscape. Republican virtues were shaped by the political discourse of the past, particularly influenced by the work of political philosophers such as Milton and Montesquieu, and their American counterparts, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Republican virtues are ideas that are designed to help citizens shape and maintain a successful government that works for the common people and for the common good of people. The main virtue of republicanism is a belief that all citizens should participate politically. Leaders are to be elected by the majority vote of the citizens of a country.

Similarly, republican virtues call for citizens to perform their civic duties to their full potential through voting or actual public policy creation. Individual liberty is believed to be an inalienable right. Republican virtues also value a government that is held to standards set by the people to curb the arousal of corruption. In the United States, this virtue of republicanism is evident in the three branches of government: executive (presidential office), legislative (Congress) and judiciary (Supreme Court).