What Is the Definition of Party in the Electorate?

definition-party-electorate Credit: STAN HONDA/Getty Images

A party in the electorate refers to people who vote for the candidates from one given party. Individuals belonging to a political party are known to be registered as members of the party, work for the party’s candidate and identify with the party. A party in the electorate simply means a political outfit with which candidates, as well as their supporters, identify with.

Generally, citizens who identify with a given party constitute the party in the electorate. Supporters of a particular party are characterized by the following: are registered members of that particular party and registered voters; they demonstrate tendency to vote for candidates from that preferred party in all or almost all elections; during survey, they identify themselves as supporters of the party; they are persuaded to support policies advanced by their preferred party; they take part in the campaigns, and turn out in large numbers for primaries more than the general public.

Individuals who identify with a particular party are highly inclined to vote for their party’s contestants for various positions. In the U.S., for example, those who regard themselves as strong Democrats or Republicans tend to demonstrate their loyalty in voting for their party nominees for office.