What Is the Definition of Compensatory Justice?

definition-compensatory-justice Credit: Daniel Lobo/CC-BY-2.0

Compensatory justice is the way that people are compensated in relation to the injuries that have been inflicted upon them. It is a form of justice that affords monetary value to the extent of a person's injuries.

Compensatory justice, along with other forms of justice, is often used in the courtroom. These types of justice will work to make up what a person has lost as the result of another individual, a company or a group of people. This type of justice is commonly found in civil cases, but it is also seen in some criminal cases in which a person is a victim.

Corrective and retributive justice are more common in criminal cases, but can be present in civil cases. Corrective and retributive justice can be minor fines that are not related to the compensation to the victim. This type of justice can also involve jail time and community service for the criminals. When corrective justice is served to a criminal, the person who was the victim of the crime is not compensated and will not receive anything out of the justice other than the satisfaction that the person guilty of the crime is being punished in accordance with the crime they committed.