What Defense Did Jodi Arias' Defense Attorney Give?

Jodi Arias claimed to have murdered her then-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in self-defense. To explain the self-defense killing, the Arias defense painted Arias as a woman stuck in an abusive, hyper-sexualized relationship who was pushed too far.

The defense characterized the relationship between Arias and Alexander as hyper-sexualized, with focus on the sexual proclivities of Alexander. The team spent several days exhibiting the intimate details of the couple's sex life, playing an explicit audiotape in court, and allowing Arias herself to describe the graphic details on the stand.

The defense used fighting incidents between the couple to show that Alexander had a history of violence. In one incident, Arias claimed Alexander attempted to kick her but broke her finger instead. Arias claimed that no records of police reports or hospital visits exist because she didn't want to create problems for Alexander.

The defense was challenged by several changes in Arias's account of the events. Arias initially claimed to have no knowledge about the murder of Travis Alexander. Her story shifted when police officials challenged her story with DNA evidence discovered at the crime scene. In response, Arias claimed to have witnessed the murder. After being arrested, Arias admitted that she killed Alexander in self-defense.