What Are Some Decommissioned Naval Ships?


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Some decommissioned naval ships include the USS Intrepid, the USS Missouri and the USS John F. Kennedy. The Missouri was decommissioned twice, once in 1955 and again in 1992.

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The USS Missouri was the last and largest battleship ever built, and it served as the site for the Japanese surrender to the Allied forces in 1945. It launched in January 1944 and was commissioned in June of the same year. After serving in World War II, Korea and the Persian Gulf, the ship is anchored at Pearl Harbor.

The USS Intrepid was commissioned in 1943 and served in World War II and the Vietnam conflict. It also saw duty in rescuing Gemini and Mercury vessels at the beginning of the space race. After being decommissioned in 1974, the Intrepid became a floating museum in the waters around New York City.

An all-purpose carrier named for President John Kennedy, the USS John F. Kennedy was commissioned in 1968 and served until 2007. Currently berthed in Philadelphia, the ship is available to become a museum.

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