What Are Some Facts About the Death Penalty?


Some facts about the death penalty include that as of 2012, the United States was ranked fifth in the world on carrying out the most executions by the death penalty. Since 1973, over 130 inmates have been released from death row with the proof of innocence.

Another fact about the death penalty is that China keeps its execution records a secret. Other countries are left unaware of exactly how many executions China has carried out and by what means.

The methods of execution vary per country and are often based on religious beliefs, cultural beliefs and the technology that is immediately available. Methods of execution worldwide may include hanging, beheading, electrocution and lethal injection. In addition, out of all inmates who have been executed, most have been executed with the lethal injection.

Five countries impose the death penalty for drug-related convictions. These countries are Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Iran.

In 2012, women inmates made up less than 2 percent of the total death row population. Statistics have shown that women convicts are less likely to receive a death penalty sentence than men. Since 1976, less than 15 women have been executed after being convicted to death in a court of law.