Is David Eifrig a Scam Artist?


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Dr. David Eifrig may be a scam artist, depending on one's definition of the term. Eifrig is employed at Stansberry Research, an American publishing company founded and operated by Frank Porter Stansberry, who has been convicted of securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission and fined $1.5 million.

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Stansberry Research is focused primarily on investment research and publishing. The company publishes a number of investment and finance-related periodicals, including "Stansberry International," "Income Intelligence" and "Retirement Millionaire." David Eifrig, Jr. is the editor and writer of "Retirement Millionaire," so his association with Frank Stansberry and his company may lead many to consider him a scam artist.

In a review of "Stansberry International," the company's flagship publication, the website Investor Junkie praised the company's research acumen while questioning the repeatability of its investment predictions and worrying about Stansberry's run-in with the SEC. He was convicted of insider trading, despite never having owned the stock in question. Investor Junkie concludes that this merits caution about the company, as some of its research methods may skirt the bounds of strictest legality. David Eifrig is a former Goldman Sachs trader who took a break from investment banking to become an opthamologist; he is experienced in the world of stock trading, meaning his picks do come from a certain level of expertise.

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