How Do You Find the Date for When an Inmate Will Be Released on Parole?


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The VINE network, an automated victim notification service, publicizes the release dates of most paroled inmates. Some states, such as Georgia and Wisconsin, provide a tentative parole month lookup and a notification system to track offenders under the custody of the Department of Corrections or the Department of Health Services.

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The VINE network allows the victim, the family of the victim, or a witness who testified against an incarcerated inmate to monitor the status of the offender currently serving inside a state prison. The network connects to the Department of Corrections of most states, allowing an online, centralized tool to check the inmate's location and tentative release date.

Aside from VINE, the state of Wisconsin also uses the VOICE for Victims service, which provides free online and telephone service to enrolled clients. Both services send automated notifications to enrolled members whenever there is a change in a tracked offender's status.

Similarly, most state prison websites publicly post the list of the inmates currently serving their sentences inside the prison facility. The list of and information about inmates incarcerated in county jails are usually available on county sheriffs' websites, while lists of prisoners in federal prisons are available on the Bureau of Federal Prisons' site.

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