How Do You View Daily Activity Reports From a Local Police Department?


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The public can find the daily activity reports of many local police departments online; for instance, the Norman City police department in Oklahoma offers daily activity reports in the form of downloadable documents on the city's website, explains Normanok.gov. The Sacramento police department provides a helpful calendar graphic on its site that the public can use to view its daily activity reports, notes Sacpd.org.

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The daily activities of law enforcement officers vary by their occupational specialty and whether they are working for federal, state or local agencies, states DiscoverPolicing.org. However, no matter the nature of their work, law enforcement officials at all levels write reports and maintain records of the incidents they encounter as they use these while testifying in court.

Occupational specialties vary; uniformed police officers perform general law enforcement duties such as patrolling and responding to calls, says DiscoverPolicing.org. Special jurisdiction police officers, on the other hand, have specific areas of responsibility, such as school districts, transport facilities and universities, while sheriffs and their deputies maintain law and order at the county level. State police officers, alternatively known as highway patrol officers or state troopers, enforce order in the country's thoroughfares.

Detectives, who work in plainclothes, aggregate facts and evidence for use in criminal cases, adds DiscoverPolicing.org. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents deal with specific violations such as financial crime, terrorism, cybercrime, drug trafficking and infractions relating to national security. Other types of law enforcement officials include the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents, border patrol agents and Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

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