What Is a CVA Wolf Muzzleloader?

What Is a CVA Wolf Muzzleloader?

Muzzleloader guns are guns that are loaded from the front end of the gun, from the open end of the barrel or muzzle. The CVA Wolf Muzzleloader is a modern hunting rifle.

The most modern version of the CVA Muzzleloader, the 209 Break Action Muzzleloader, has a variety of new features over the previous version, the original Wolf Muzzleloader. That version had been the the world´s best selling muzzle loading gun. It is light and easy to maneuver and also comes in a compact version that is specially well suited for youngsters or small framed adults.

Perhaps the most important new addition to the CVA Wolf Muzzleloader by the 209 Break Action is the quick-release breech plug. It is the only breech plug in the market today that does not need any tools to open, coming out with a mere twist of the fingers.

Other features of the rifle are: A 24" blued barrel; bullet-guiding muzzle; ambidextrous stock;DuraSight® DEAD-ON 1-piece scope mount; CrushZone recoil pad; reversible hammer spur.

It must be borne in mind that muzzleloader guns are capable of shooting only on bullet at a time. Despite popular belief modern muzzleloader guns are very accurate. Other names for this type of rifle are front-loaders and front-stuffers.