How Do You Find Current and Former Inmates of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office?

The website for the Sheriff's Office of Montgomery County in Texas features a search tool that allows users to search jail rosters by first and last name. The Sheriff's Office for Montgomery County in Tennessee also features a search tool on its site, with options to browse names alphabetically.

The Montgomery County, Texas, Sheriff's Office website,, contains a search tool that allows you to search past and current inmates based on first or last name, as well as a combination of the two. Search results are displayed in a list format with entries for the inmate's name, gender, race and date of booking. By clicking on the inmate's name you can view his arrest record, including details about any known aliases, date of birth and the specific location of the inmate's cell. You can also read about the charges brought against the inmate and see any active warrants out for his arrest.

The website for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee allows you to search by name as well as view a listing of all inmates based on the first letter of their last name. Search results are also displayed in a list format, with details about the inmate's name, arrest time, booking number and release date.