What Does a Criminologist Do?


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A criminologist examines a particular crime and develops theories on how to prevent the crime from happening again in the future. Criminologists accomplish this feat by studying the patterns of normal social behavior and comparing deviant criminal behavior to the behavior of law abiding citizens. A criminologist works with local and federal authorities, university staffs and legislative boards.

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What Does a Criminologist Do?
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The points that a criminologist takes into consideration include the impact of crime on the victim, the victim's family and the perpetrator's family. The criminologist gathers this data by conducting research interviews and surveys and formulating policy recommendations based upon her findings. A large part of a criminologist's job is writing research articles and papers that outline the methodology she uses to draw her conclusions and backing up her advice for law enforcement agencies with solid, scientific data. Because a criminologist must analyze numerous different types of crimes throughout her career, she must continuously study new scientific and sociological criminal behavioral patterns as they become available.

Criminologists usually hold post-graduate degrees in sociology, psychology, criminology or criminal justice. In addition to their degrees, criminologists must have strong writing and interpersonal skills to succeed in their jobs, according to criminology expert Timothy Roufa.

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