Who Are Some Criminals That Have Been on the FBI's Most Wanted List?


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Leslie Isben Rogge, William Bradford Bishop Jr., Billie Austin Bryant and Victor Manuel Garena have all occupied or currently occupy the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. Since the list's inception in 1950, only eight Most Wanted fugitives have been women.

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Leslie Isben Rogge was added to the Ten Most Wanted list in 1990. Rogge was the 430th fugitive to be added to the list. His capture in 1996 was the first apprehension facilitated by the Internet.

William Bradford Bishop Jr. was added to the list in 2014 for crimes he allegedly committed in 1976. He is thought to be hiding in plain sight amongst the population in Europe or the United States.

Billie Austin Bryant was added to the list in 1969. He occupied the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for the shortest amount of time: two hours. After being added to the list, Bryant was sighted by a citizen in Washington, D.C. and immediately arrested.

Victor Manuel Garena is on the Most Wanted list for crimes he committed in 1983. He was added to the list in 1984. He is still at large and is believed to be in Cuba. He is the fugitive who has graced this list the longest. For that reason, as of 2015, the FBI is offering a $1 million dollar reward for information leading directly to his arrest.

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