How Do You Find a Criminal Lawyer Who Takes Low Income Clients?

How Do You Find a Criminal Lawyer Who Takes Low Income Clients?

Affordable lawyers can be found through government agencies, legal aid agencies, law schools and court-based self-help services. Finding a lawyer that takes low income clients may be difficult, but with diligence and persistence it is possible, notes the Judicial Branch of California.

While it is a good idea to seek a lawyer who charges cheaply, individuals must be careful not to compromise their chances of winning the case by choosing an inexperienced lawyer. Carry out extensive research to learn about the lawyer's background, experience and performance before hiring, notes David Benowitz, who is an attorney at law.

Begin the search by contacting any legal aid agency in the region. This search may be done through online resources to save time and cost.

If no help can be obtained through aid agencies, try finding a lawyer through government programs. These programs may offer free or low-cost services.

In certain regions, law schools provide free help for those who cannot afford regular lawyers. Local bar associations or law courts may assist in finding information regarding such law schools in the region.

Some regions in the country have dispute resolution programs aimed at resolving issues before they escalate. By seeking help from such programs, free or cheap assistance may be obtained.