How Do You Create Remodeling Contract Forms?


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Create a remodeling contract form by stating the project description, contract payment information, lien waiver requirements, project dates and procedure changes, explains Time. Also include a contract escape hatch and signatures.

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In the project description section of the contract, outline all of the work, materials, products and associated costs going into the job, recommends Time. This includes everything from demolition to construction and obtaining the proper permits to proper disposal of debris. Also, detail the project's liability coverage and workman's compensation insurance for protection.

Include contract payment information with an outline of the timing and installment payments for each stage of completion. Additionally, include the requirement of lien waivers for legal protection against workers claiming the property even after receiving compensation. When writing project dates, approximate the start and end dates, barring any unforeseeable changes. In case of necessary procedure changes, require written approval of the new work's description, cost and time frame before the commencement of the changes.

Additionally, include an escape hatch that provides a three-day window to rescind the contract, suggests Time. This provides protection against losing a deposit for any reason. Lastly, include the signatures of both parties to make the contract legally binding. Depending on the state, include the contractor's license number and the addresses of both parties, as the law requires.

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