How Do You Create a Liability Waiver?


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When creating a liability waiver, the writer must provide details about the activity that is the reason for the liability waiver, including the name of the individual participating in the activity, his address and a description of the subject activity, explains RocketLawyer. An activity sponsor can create a liability waiver by using an automated form tool, such as those available on RocketLawyer.com. Alternatively, a liability waiver template allows a user to follow a guide to create a personalized form.

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A liability waiver must make notation of the presence of minors, along with identifying information about the minor, notes RocketLawyer. An adult must sign the waiver on behalf of the minor, disclose his relationship to the participating minor and grant permission for the activity host to seek medical attention, as needed. Emergency contact information for those who are not present during the subject activity can be provided on the waiver form.

A liability waiver is a legal document between a participant and a sponsor of an activity that states the participant agrees to not hold the sponsor of the activity at fault if the participant is injured, Recreation Management explains. The agreement releases the sponsor of the activity from injuries due to errors, faults and mistakes made by the sponsoring party.

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