How Do You Get a Court Transcript?


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A court transcript that is deemed public record can be purchased by private citizens and attorneys through the court reporter of the hearing, according to the Superior Court of California. A court transcript is a word-for-word record of a public court proceeding.

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Many courts and counties provide an online transcript request form that can be submitted electronically or printed and mailed to the supervising court reporter's office, according to the Superior Court of California. To locate the court reporter who reported the hearing or court proceeding, individuals can inquire in person at the courthouse or search court records to view case details online.

When requesting court transcripts from a court reporter, the individual should provide the name of the court reporter, the date of proceedings, the name of the judge or department and the case number, according to the Superior Court of California. Fees vary based on each court's policies, the length of time it takes to complete the transcript and designated delivery options for the transcript. Urgent requests may cost more depending on the timeline specified by the court reporter.

In some states, court transcripts may not be available if the court proceeding is older than 10 years, according to the Superior Court of California. Court transcripts for limited civil collection matters, small claims, infractions, traffic and misdemeanor violations, and unlawful detainers may not be available in some states.

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