How Do You Find County Land Ownership Maps?


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The county assessor's, land surveyor's or recorder's office of most counties usually provides and maintains county land ownership maps. These maps may be available in digital format on the county's official website or may be available in paper records.

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Some states, such as Minnesota, publish land ownership maps and plat books by county. The state of Minnesota provides links to interactive maps of each county that show property information and land borders. To find the county land ownership maps for Minnesota counties, visit the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office's website, and click Data ClearingHouse under Data Services on the top menu. Click Data, and click Land Ownership under the header, First Stop Information by Theme. Under Property boundaries, click Data sources to access the list of counties with links to their respective land ownership and plat book maps.

The U.S. genealogy site FamilySearch collects and compiles land ownership maps from public resources, such as the Maps and Geography section of the Library of Congress and state libraries. FamilySearch provides a viewable document that contains 1,449 county land ownership maps in the United States. The document requires an Adobe Reader for online viewing. The document shows 19th-century land ownership maps of purchased, granted and inherited land. The map lists the property owners' names, the surveyor of the land and the land's scale and size.

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