What Country Has the Most Powerful Military?

Overall, the United States has the most powerful military on Earth, according to an analysis of the strength of 35 nations by Global Firepower and an infographic produced by Business Insider. However, other nations lead in individual categories such as personnel, equipment and weaponry.

The U.S. military has an annual budget of approximately $6.125 billion. This figure more than triples the annual military budget of the next-highest spender, China, with its annual military budget of $1.26 billion. Although China ranks third overall, the nation boasts the largest number of active personnel of any military, with a total of 2.285 million soldiers.

The United States far exceeds the number of aircraft carriers of any other nation with 10. The next-closest contender is India, which has two aircraft carriers. India is ranked fourth overall. North Korea leads in the number of submarines with a total of 78. The next-closest is the United States with 72. Russia leads in the number of nuclear warheads with a total of 8,484. The next-closest contender is the United States with 7,506.