How Do You Find a Country Code?


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To find a telephone code to call someone in a different country, visit a website with a list of international calling codes. Dial the number prefix and the regular phone listing to make your international call.

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  1. Make your country selection

    Decide which country you want to call. Determine the correct spelling of the country to make sure you search for the correct nation.

  2. Log on to countrycode.org

    Type www.countrycode.org into your Web browser, and click Enter. Scroll down the page to find the code of the country you want to call under the Country Code column.

  3. Search whitepages.com

    For an alternative way to search for international country telephone codes, log on to the International Resources page on White Pages.

  4. Select country from drop-down menu on White Pages

    Click on the drop-down menu under the International Calling Codes heading, and select your country of choice. Click the Find button. The calling code of the country appears next to the country name. Use the code to make your international call.

  5. Make an international call

    Dial the code of your selected country into your telephone. Enter the regular phone number after the code. Be aware of the additional charge, if any, it takes to make international calls.

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