Which Countries Are Nigeria's Allies?

countries-nigeria-s-allies Credit: Keith Binns/E+/Getty Images

Nigeria's allies are Niger, Benin, Chad and Cameroon. These countries have assisted or been called upon to assist Nigeria in combating common enemies in regional conflicts, such as conflicts involving the militant group Boko Haram.

With just under 200 million people, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, and it claims to have the largest GDP in Africa, having surpassed South Africa. Despite its large population and economy, Nigeria has struggled with insurgents in certain regions of the nation and with the illegal trade of weapons. Despite insurgencies, Nigeria's commitment to major reform has helped the country's development over the past several years. The country has instituted changes that have modernized its banking industry and enacted policies regarding profits and wages in the oil industry to help control the corruption with which it struggled for many decades. Nigeria joined the United Nations Security Council in 2010. About 95 percent of Nigeria's trade involves oil. Nigeria is located in West Africa and is bordered by Cameroon, Benin and the Gulf of Guinea. The capital city is Abuja. The official language is English, though other languages are spoken. The country's religious population is mostly split between Muslims and Christians with Muslims, having the slight majority. Formerly under British rule, the country has been independent since 1960. A new constitution was adopted in 1999 that reorganized the government into one that is civilian based.