What Are Some Countries Where It Is Legal to Smoke Marijuana?


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Several countries in South America, Asia and Europe have legalized certain amounts of marijuana for medical or recreational use or have at least decriminalized its use. In the United States, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, while a number of other states have legalized medical marijuana. Laws concerning the growth and sale of marijuana plants, as well as whether or not the plant can be smoked in public, vary by location.

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In Portugal, all drugs are legal, and laws treat drug users as sick people, rather than criminals. In Peru, possession of 8 or less grams of marijuana is legal, while in Romania, marijuana use is only legal under certain medical conditions. In Colombia, 22 grams and 20 plants are legal, but selling is prohibited. On the other hand, marijuana is illegal in Jamaica, but possession of small amounts has been decriminalized. While marijuana is illegal in Costa Rica, smoking is widespread, and police do not arrest people carrying enough for personal consumption.

The Czech Republic allows medical marijuana as well as 15 grams and up to five plants for personal consumption. Norway and Ecuador allow individuals to possess small amounts of marijuana, while Switzerland allows citizens to grow up to four plants. However, selling and transporting in Switzerland is illegal.

Uruguay laws allow citizens 18 or older to grow marijuana if they register with authorities. Spain allows adults to use the plant in private spaces, but public consumption is punishable by a fine, and selling is illegal. In the Netherlands, marijuana products are sold in stores and up to five grams are allowed for personal use. Other types of sales and transportation are illegal.

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