What Countries Are Not Democratic?

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the People's Republic of China and Vietnam are not democratic countries as of 2015. North Korea and Cuba are other countries that do not practice democratic rule.

Saudi Arabia’s form of government is a monarchy based on Islam. The system adheres to Islamic laws, also known as Shari’ah. The king is the head of the government and commander-in-chief of the military, and he governs with the assistance of a crown prince and the Council of Ministers.

The Communist Party of China is the absolute power in the country; although, this control was weakened under Zhao Ziyang. CPC assumes the overall responsibility for all the sides of government.

Cuba is a totalitarian communist state. The political system is strictly based on communist principles.

North Korea officially claims to be a communist state. It has been under communist rule since 1948.

In 1954 North Vietnam became a communist state backed by the Soviet Union. South Vietnam was democratic and supported by the United States. After two decades of war, the two parts merged to form a unified communist country.

Since it gained its independence in 1971, Qatar has been ruled as an absolute monarchy. In this system, the emir has supreme power.